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Bench Boost allows a team to receive points for their starting XI and substitutes, and can be used once a season. Free Hit, meanwhile, gives the FPL manager the chance to make unlimited transfers to their team for one sole gameweek.

The two most expensive players on the game are Tottenham striker Harry Kane and Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah, who are both available for MollyReil ErinBergm £12.5 million each.

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During each round, the FPL manager will have between 30 and 120 seconds, with the default being 90 seconds, to pick a player to join their squad. A failure to pick a maglia barcellona 2022 player within the time limit will result in a player automatically being assigned.

You can have up to 16 teams in your draft league, although the official FPL website makes the recommendation of eight MollyReil ErinBergm being a good number, to ensure there are enough top players spread around.

It goes without saying but don’t waste the chance to use all chips available. This is particularly important if you still have some left towards the end of the season as, for example, you can’t use a wildcard and a triple captain in the same Gameweek, you’re only able to use one at a time.

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