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The point of an NFT, though, is that an item has underlying code attached to it with the proof of the buyer’s record, meaning that only they own the official version. In other words, a right-clicked image would not be considered “real” because it’s not backed by data on the blockchain.

Sure, if someone on Twitter, for example, changes their icon to an NFT JoieHolla Billige Schweiz Fotballdrakter TuyetMess that they purchased for millions of pounds, any other user can simply right-click and save that image and use it as their own icon – something a lot of Twitter users psg kläder have poked fun of.

Only one person can own something that’s been digitally authenticated on a blockchain, despite others being able to save other, non-official versions themselves. Often, football NFTs are given JoieHolla Billige Schweiz Fotballdrakter TuyetMess added legitimacy because they are produced directly by players, clubs or leagues.

One can think of NFTs as similar to real-life collectibles like trading cards or vinyl records in that they each have their own qualities. They cannot be replaced by the exact same specimen – or in the case of NFTs, the exact same underlying data – thus making them “non-fungible”.

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