Recommended Amazing Menu From Spot Delict

Recommended Amazing Menu From Spot Delict

I prefer the meatball that I had in Germany, but if you haven’t had IKEA meatballs before, you should because this is the only IKEA in Indonesia. In my opinion it’s not about the food but I said it’s your “IKEA Experience”. It’s fun for lunch with family and friends, and oh they also serve cheap coffee (IDR 7k). You can also find hotdogs and ice cream close to the market hall, I had one ice cream that costed me only IDR 4k.

Do not expect more because IKEA food is actually closely like cafetaria / canteen food, and it’s cheap! You got what you paid for,
but I personally love it, I call it “IKEA Experience”


Another new restaurant in, Jack’s Belly. This area is already filled with places to eat, from Korean BBQ to dessert. Does it need more? Quite doubtful, buy hey we always look up for new places that can offer something different. Located at the less crowded Elang Laut, just few shops away from Bakso Aan. Find out that this place have some beers, OK so it’s gonna be ‘tempat nongkrong’ for young people. More, here are some of the food that I tried earlier.

Roasted John Dory Fish (IDR 99.000) served with sides of your choice, I got mashed potato and coleslaw. Fish was nice, big portion, crispy crumbs and squeezed of lemon juice to bring out the flavor. Honestly I prefer tartar sauce as a condiment rather than gravy though mashed potato was good for me. You know, I love potatoes.

Everyone’s favorite Pizza Meatlover (IDR 85.000) super thin crust pizza, tomato sauce the base. For sharing, New York Sampler (IDR 70.000) consists of sausages, chicken wings, calamari, and potato chips. It came with 3 kind of sauces, chopped onion-tomato sauce, tartar, and mustard. Personally, I like all of the sauces, preferably of course tangy mustard. Calamari was the highlight, super tender squid, crispy batter, so good!

Just like Above 5, to me it’s surely a nice place to sit with friends. Not so serious about food but having some lite bites. They also have beers and drinks which will make the business running. Came here at the afternoon, saw a small stage, live music sounds great. At least something else to offer, more than the food. Let’s see how tomorrow will bring.


If you can name All You Can Eat restaurant in Jakarta, there are some but how about AYCE Japanese restaurant? Yes, I’m talking about a new spot here in one of the hippest shopping mall in south Jakarta, Kobe by Shabu Shabu House. This place offers wide range selections from sushi, tempura, to mouthwatering cakes. OK, shall we start with Chawanmushi? Or maybe dim sum? “Wait, seriously dim sum? Well, a side from Japanese food, actually they also have some menus that is most-likely influenced by Chinese cuisine such as fried rice, stir-fried noodles, and dim sum.

Beef Hamburg or Gyudon? Both were great, but I prefer their Gyudon. Thinly sliced beef and onion over hot steamed rice, just like one from Japanese fast food restaurant.