Traveler Sights in Raja Ampat, Can Diving to Snorkeling

Traveler Sights in Raja Ampat, Can Diving to Snorkeling

Raja ampat is a district in west papua province. This district has 4 principal islands namely waigeo, batanta, salawati, and misool islands. Aside from that there are also 1,847 small islands in raja ampat. According to the reason in, the name raja ampat comes from a neighborhood legend. It became as soon as believed that a female determined seven eggs. Four of the eggs hatched and became the reigning king of the 4 primary islands. Whilst the other three hatched into stone, one have become a woman, and one have become a supernatural being. Irrespective of the developing legend, raja ampat does have tens of millions of thrilling charms to study.


Traveller points of interest in raja ampat which you ought to now not miss is wayag. Wayag is an island which includes a set of small islands full of timber.

Wayag island is one of the icons in raja ampat and a favourite of many tourists. You can take pics against the backdrop of a lovely small organization of islands.

Pencil Stone

One of the visitor points of interest in raja ampat that you have to no longer miss is the pencil stone. This location is within the form of a cluster of small islands with one of the islands having a stone reminiscent of a pencil.

The island round it bureaucracy an tricky maze. The ones of you who need to discover it ought to use a nearby manual so you do not wander off.


To misool, it method you’ve got touched raja ampat. Sure, from here your adventure and adventures in japanese indonesia can begin.

Dive into each niche of the waters on one of the 4 foremost islands in raja ampat and you may locate perspectives that are not only splendid, but also unique.

It’s tough to explain one of the most popular vacationer destinations in raja ampat for positive, so that you higher head straight to the area!

Famous person Lagoons

Sure, there’s a celeb-fashioned lagoon in raja ampat, on the island of pianemo to be specific. The view from the coral hill on my own illustrates how beautiful this location is.

But to make it clearer what the underwater landscape is like in star lagoon, why now not dive right in. Guaranteed no longer to be disappointed!